Exceeding Excellence

Hanuman is a symbol of devotion, service, strength, knowledge and awesomeness, an epitome of perfection that I can only hope to be a fraction of, that too if I try really hard. But here’s the thing, you expect someone as talented, hardworking, strong and blessed such as Hanuman to be confident, arrogant even. Yet I saw through stories, how he would do Rama’s bidding and slink off to a corner, never garnering credit for himself. Team > individual achievement for him.

Hanuman is the personification of humility. whether you’re at college or working at a firm, you’re taught that image is everything. Credit is snatched, blame is thrust. Hanuman taught me that DOING the work is more important than WHO does it. And who better to teach this than Swamiji, who himself is Gurudev’s Hanuman, spreading His glory throughout the world?

Global camp is a place to learn leadership, teamwork, patience, embracing diversity and most importantly, learning how to be happy all by yourself too- in other words becoming Hanuman every day, in every way.