What will camp be like?


What will camp be like? The truth is, no one knows.

There have been 11 previous Global CHYK camps:

  1. 7 Days 7 Powers (2006)
  2. Mahabharata (2009)
  3. Take The Big Step (2010)
  4. Where Eagles Dare (2011)
  5. Ramayana: Craft your Character (January 2013)
  6. At the Gateway of Truth (December 2013)
  7. In the Footsteps of Giants: Saints of India (2014)
  8. He Did It - So Can You - 108 Ways To Perfection (2015)
  9. Exceeding Excellence - Hanuman Chalisa (2016)
  10. OutThink Uncertainty - Bhaja Govindam (2017)
  11. Parallels Through Infinity - Ishavasya Upanishad (2018)

And, although they were all completely different, each camp allowed youth to have transformative experiences that had a lasting impact on all who attended.


It is said in our scriptures that for true learning to occur, the student must be ‘tuned’ to the master. Often, when we go to Yagnas, our minds are distracted with day-to-day worries. In fact, even when we go to CHYK camps, it takes some time for the world to fade away and for us to be present, listening, and absorbing every word of the Acharya. The mere fact that Global CHYK camps last 7 days mean we have time to ‘tune in’ to Swamiji. Consequently, the philosophical depth and spiritual heights that Swamiji takes us to in these lectures is far greater than anything most of us have ever heard.

National camps, despite being only 2-3 days long, leave attendees inspired and enveloped in an incredible sense of oneness. A full 7 days of being in the presence of a great master, and surrounded by like-minded people, can only mean an exponential increase in the growth experienced.

Global CHYK camps are also different in the scale at which they occur. The venue is the Chinmaya International Residential School (Coimbatore). An international-standard boarding school, it is set in the lush foothills of the Nilgiris. Tucked away in the quieter part of Tamil Nadu, it is breathtaking in its beauty. Not only is the environment calming and uplifting, but the facilities and hence scope of activities available to be experienced exceeds that of any other camp.

It is very difficult to say what this year’s camp has in store for us. The format, scale, and scope will be similar to the previous camps. What will remain a surprise is the unique and transformative experience of “Love Through Eternity”. One thing’s for sure though, those who attend will have a week they will never forget!