Formerly a psychologist from Australia, Swaminiji confesses that her spiritual quest started early on: “I was searching for meaning, a deeper purpose for my existence. I felt there had to be more than just a job, physical possessions, and the images we all portray.”

As a teen, Swaminiji came across the teachings and works of Swami Chinmayananda, and in His teachings, She found all that She was seeking. In 1998, She committed herself to a life of service, and undertook the 2-year Vedanta course at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, in Mumbai.

In her journey of inspiring the masses, Swaminiji has used a variety of mediums to spread the knowledge of Vedanta. She is the founder of a bite-sized podcast called ‘Thinking about it’, and a popular instagram account filled with inspiration. She is also the author of the highly acclaimed children’s books, the Chinmaya Bala Katha series, and  has written and directed the play ‘DROP it’. Swaminiji is also the visionary behind In Tune With Him, a global-CHYK musical initiative that has traversed the world over.

An integral part of the Global CHYK Camps, Swaminiji is able to package age-old traditional values in a manner that suits the modern lifestyle - thus achieving a healthy balance between the spiritual and material life. From tiny tots, to energetic children, to curious youth; Swaminiji is well-known for her captivating sessions, modes of teaching and loving persona. Her contemporary and honest views have made her a favorite amongst many youth.

Swaminiji radiates an abundance of wisdom, love, warmth, and gentleness, that leaves all of us in absolute awe, wanting more of her presence. The countdown to spend more time in Her loving and guiding presence at Global CHYK Camp has started!